place name waypoint description
Tanger Camp Miramonte N35 47.493
W5 49.961
Took some time to find it, but it is a nice place. Ask for the key for the showers, these are very clean. Real Moroccan restaurant in the adjourning hotel
Larache Camp Larache N35 09.727
W6 08.515
Free campsite with all services you can ask for. Toilets and showers are clean and there is even staff around to organise everything. Also possible to eat here, that is probably where they get their revenues from, but you can also cook.
Sale Camp De la Plage N34 02.147
W6 49.748
Very friendly staff, reasonably clean and close to Rabat. Good choice.
El jadida Camp caravaning Int. N33 14.442
W8 29.235
A pleasant enough place, only the toilets are not very clean. But very peaceful and there is a shop that sells all essentials.
Meknes Camp Int. D'agdal N33 52.782
W5 33.345
Big and clean campsite. We were not too happy about the late arrivals making lots of noise till deep in the night and it does say something about the staff that nobody is around to keep some order.
Fes Camp International N33 59.937
W4 58.110
Very beautiful and nice campsite with also an expensive looking restaurant, which we gave a miss. A good choice for an extended stay, even though they are a bit overpriced.
Sefrou Camp Sefrou   The view is magnificent but that is all that is good about it. Dirty toilets, windy places and very noisy. We forgot to make a waypoint, but it is the only campsite near Sefrou so you cannot really miss it.
Erfoud Camp Erfoud N31 25.772
W4 13.917
We thought Erg Chebbi was too far to reach in the afternoon so we stayed on this very basic, windy and ugly campsite. The next day we found out that we could easily have reached Erg Chebbi and there are lots of nice campements over there to choose from.
Merzouga Camp Ksar Sania N31 05.080
W4 00.490
Very beautiful place between the sand dunes and according to the guidebooks the cleanest toilets in Morocco. We had not yet seen Daoura then, so we could only agree. Attached is a comfortable and good restaurant, you do have to let them know beforehand if you want dinner.
Tazzarine Camp Amasttou N30 46.529
W5 33.786
This is really a paradise, what a magnificent spot. And very clean! There is room for 2 or 3 cars. The peace and quiet at night is overwhelming, not a common thing in Africa, so enjoy it!
Aoulouz Bush camp N30 42.756
W8 07.290
Our first bushcamp at an artificial lake, nice and quiet.
Zagora Camp Les jardins de Zagora N30 19.710
W5 50.026
There are many places to choose from but this turned out to be a good choice. They also have a good restaurant and the owner is very welcoming. The first and only campsite where they came to bring us some rugs to put in front of the tent/car.
Marrakech Camp Ferdaous N31 43.146
W7 58.933
Huge campsite quite a long way out of town, but the only option if you want to camp. The staff is not very friendly and the toilets and showers are not really clean.
Bou Jerif Camp FORT BOU JERIF N29 04.940
W10 19.853
There are two ways to get to this campsite, we took the rough piste and where very happy to arrive. This campsite is run by a very friendly French couple and it meets European standards in every respect. There is also a pleasant bar/restaurant and they serve good food and even French wines, but it is a bit pricy.
Agadir Camp International   Forgot to make a waypoint but this campsite is easy to find in Agadir, a very touristy place. A good enough campsite, nothing really special.
Daoura Camp La roi de beduin N27 27.709
W13 03.112
A very simple but uber-beautiful and clean campsite, with even flowers in the toilets. The owner is Belgium and very welcoming. The restaurant in the big berbertent is cosy and the food is excellent. You do have to give them advance notice that you want to have dinner, but should you arrive late, I'm sure they can cook you something. Look out for this sign along the road, it is a 4 km piste to the campsite, well signposted.
Casablanca Consulaat Mauritania N33 33.736
W7 38.684
The Mauritanian consulate that issues visa is in Casa, the embassy in Rabat no longer does this! Make sure you are there early in the morning and don't hurry back in the afternoon to collect your passport, it takes longer than they promise.
Dakhla Camp Moussafir N23 45.828
W15 54.427
Depressing and dirty, but the only place in town to camp. Maybe it is less forlorn when there are more visitors, but we did not like the place.
Casablanca Land Rover dealer N33 35.782
W7 35.086
Modern, cheap, friendly and quick Land Rover dealer. The only official dealer on the way to South Africa, following the western route.


place name waypoint description
Nouadhibou Camp Chez Abba N20 54.000
W17 03.258
Spacious campsite with good facilities, although the toilet annex shower might take some getting used to, but it is clean and they have hot water. The boss is prepared to help you with anything, from changing money to arranging car insurance.
Nouakchott Camp Sahara N18 05.344
W15 58.699
Very centrally located campsite with clean toilets, the only drawback is that the mosque is very close, so you'll probably wake up around 4 am, but there is no escaping that anyway.
Terjit Camping N20 15.512
W13 05.783
Placed in an oasis on the road to Atar. A beautiful place only there was hardly any water when we were there, and we desperately wanted a shower. Before you buy anything agree on a price because they charge way too much for a can of soft drink.
Chinguetti Bush camp   Camping on the edge of the desert, sitting on the top of the dunes in the evening watching the sun go down. It is hard to beat!


place name waypoint description
St.Louis Camp L'ocean N15 59.840
W16 30.593
After Mauritania this is paradise, at last a cold beer in the excellent restaurant. If you take some electronic gadgets with you they are sure to take them off your hands for a good price, the staff just loves anything European.
Tassinere Camp Zebra bar N15 51.850
W16 30.710
Being an overlander, this is a place you should not miss, and take your time! A relaxed atmosphere, run by Swiss. Swimming, surfing, canoeing, all is possible. When you are ready to leave, make sure you depart early otherwise you have to cross the tidal river and the salt water is not so nice for you car.
Lac Rose Bush camp N14 51.105
W17 14.017
There are several campements but when we arrived they wanted so much money just to stay on their parking lot that we decided to find a place a few hundred meters away. The pink lake is beautiful though.
Dakar Camp Sunugal N14 45.130
W17 30.147
We left this campsite in the evening because they are very overprices and have hardly any camping facilities. The place is nice enough but the people are very unfriendly. Probably though the only campsite in the Dakar area. We ended up at a bushcamp of which we will not give you the coordinates; much too dangerous (ready our story).
Toubab Dialao Hotel Sobo-bade N14 36.336
W17 09.102
It doesn't get any better than this. Cheap rooms with magnificent views over the sea. Good swimming beach and a place to put up your feet for a few days. It is not possible to camp, but with these prices that should not be a problem.
Mbacke Bush camp N14 44.457
W16 01.754
Bushcamp in an open area close to a little village, many visitors but no problems.
Bifkelane Bush camp N14 05.533
W15 45.951
Just a place in the bush where you think nobody will see you. That did not quite work out, but friendly visitors are always welcome.
Dar Salam Camp Dar Salam N13 15.646
W13 12.165
Campement near the entrance of the National Park. Camping is no problem, you use the facilities of one of the huts. Owner is slightly unreliable so make sure you agree on a price beforehand on anything you buy.
Kolda Bush camp N12 57.310
W14 49.974
Perfect spot in the middle of the woods, our only visitors were a herd of cows and the shepherd. Nice and quiet and we slept perfectly.
Ziguinchor Camp Ziguinchor N12 34.441
W16 17.704
A good place but they charge the same for camping as for a room, and we did not really want to sleep in there. Toilets and showers are outside and clean enough. The courtyard where you camp is barely big enough for two Land Rovers. The water from the well is contaminated (we found out) so don't use it for drinking without treatment.
Cap Skirring Hotel Le Palmier N12 23.224
W16 44.358
Cap Skirring was not quite what we expected and we ended up in this hotel, run by a French guy. Good salads and a choice of delicious (French) wines and simple clean rooms for 10.000 CFA.
Tambacounda Camp Chez Dessert N13 45.745
W13 40.252
We cannot really recommend this, we slept horribly over here. Noisy, small, dirty and boiling hot. The next day we moved to a hotel.
Tambacounda Hotel Le relais jamba N13 46.438
W13 41.935
Luxury hotel with pool and room with airco. We were desperate for a good night sleep! The restaurant is good value.

The Gambia

place name waypoint description
Sukuta Camp Sukuta N13 25.162
W16 42.947
Deutsch Grundlicheit and Punktlichkeit. If you do not leave the campsite you might think you are in Germany. But everything is well organised, clean and pleasant and a lovely place to spend a few days. If you drive down to the harbour you can get the most beautiful fresh fish for next to nothing. BBQ them at the campsite and you have the best meal ever.
Farfenni Bush camp N13 33.678
W15 42.987
Our first African bushcamp without any visitors.
Georgetown Camping Bird Safari N13 32.666
W14 47.639
The place looks like it used to be nice but is very rundown, only the mosquitoes are still frequent visitors. They serve excellent food in the restaurant. Really a shame, this could be a wonderful place.
Basse Camp Traditions N13 18.903
W14 12.624
A relaxed place run by a Gambian who studied in England and learned about commerce over there! Big plans but they still have to be worked out. We could camp for next to nothing and if you say you are related to Dutch Courage you get a 75% discount on your stay!
Serekunda Land Rover workshop N13 27.859
W16 41.496
If you have problems with your Land Rover - if such a thing could happen - this is the place for free second-hand parts and expensive new ones. They can get you anything from England you might need, but be prepared to pay.


place name waypoint description
Medine Bush camp N14 21.456
W11 20.909
About 20 km from Kayes in the direction of Bamako, using the southern piste. A lovely place for a bushcamp, at the river (clean and suitable for swimming). There are lots of people passing by but they leave you in peace.
Gassito Bush camp N13 14.991
W10 08.435
Just a place where we stopped because it was getting dark. Quiet enough place, some visitors but only the flies and mosquitoes where a nuisance.
Bamako Camp Le centre d'accueil Catholique de soeurs blanches N12 38.554
W8 00.220
Perfect place, if the head-nun takes a liking to you; she might seem a bit standoffish at first. Clean rooms, toilets and showers. Camping is only possible if they have guests in at least some of the rooms. Parking behind a fence, central in Bamako and opposite there is a nice bar/restaurant run by a friendly Senegalese guy.
Segou Camp Offices du Niger N13 26.213
W6 16.728
Noisy place, dirty toilet and shower, not really to be recommended. The people are nice though and when you drive up it looks promising enough.
Djenne CAMP Chez Baba N13 54.373
W4 33.272
Good place but be prepared to be hassled by salesmen, guides, car washers and other would-be guys. Very clean even though it is very basic. Restaurant has not much choice and is too expensive but you can easily prepare your own meal.
Douentza Camp Hotel Falaise N15 00.564
W2 57.447
We thought this was a good place until the next morning when the owner wanted to charge us more than we agreed on. There is a restaurant they say, but our food was just collected somewhere else, so you can just as well eat out. There is another campsite at the other end of town, which we recommend you check out first.
Tombouctu Camp Tombouctu N16 45.409
W3 00.240
Small but good enough campsite. They also have rooms and a bar.
Sevare Camp Via Via N14 32.037
W4 04.843
Camping on a large guarded car park at the hotel/campement. They let us use the bathroom of one of the rooms. They do have a restaurant but it was not open when we where there. If you want a soft drink you can better just cross the street and buy one at the little stalls over there. If you want a beer, you have to go to their bar.
Ireli Pay Dogon Bush camp N14 26.113
W3 18.416
Not a campsite and not a bushcamp. Camping at the entrance of the village. If you are here without a guide you are much better of finding a place away from a village because the children are a real pest.
Nombori Pay Dogon Bush camp N14 19.808
W3 24.186
Not a campsite and not a bushcamp. Camping at the entrance of the village. If you are here without a guide you are much better of finding a place away from a village because the children are a real pest.
Bamako Embassy Holland N12 39.567
W7 58.004
For Dutch travellers if you want some information or just have a chat. Hard to find in a neighbourhood that does not look like one where an embassy would be based and way out of town. But the staff is very helpful!

Burkina Faso

place name waypoint description
Bobo Dioulasso Camp Casa Africa N11 10.148
W4 18.708
Very good campsite, lovely food, even more so when you have just come from Mali. Inside near the restaurant there are clean toilets, the outside ones are less recommendable. And lovely (if cold) showers. Good value!
Ouagadougou Camp Hotel Ok inn N12 20.115
W1 30.843
A bit hard to find, but it is behind the huge lorry parking lot. Free camping and use of the pool, so that is hard to beat! Clean toilets and showers and an excellent restaurant, but very expensive! Rooms with aircon and TV for 30.000 CFA. You do not have to use the restaurant, even if you don't spend any money they still let you camp.
Tengrela Camping Tengrela N10 39.137
W4 49.520
Basic campsite with Rasta owner
Sabou Camping Sabou crocodile lake N12 03.917
W2 13.572
Nice and quiet spot, even better if you don't have to use the toilets.
Ouagadougou Embassy Ghana N12 22.733
W1 30.631
It takes two to three days to process your visa application. Multiple entry is 36.000 CFA, single entry 15.000. Bring four pictures!


place name waypoint description
Kintampo Camp St. Michaels Hotel N8 02.123
W1 43.917
Basic campsite, but convenient on the road to Accra if you come from Burkina. It is a hotel but they allow you to camp on their grounds. The beer is cold and cheap and the people are nice. You can use the toilet and shower in the hotel.
Accra, Osu Koku Cottage N5 33.637
W0 11.169
Not really an official guesthouse, but if you are lucky they have a room available or you can camp. Clean, quiet and a very nice big family. Dirt cheap in the middle of Osu, the place to be in Accra.
Tema Dutch Hotel N5 35.792
W0 04.205
If you are Dutch you have to go here, if only for a kroket! Beautiful hotel with very nice pool. Rooms do not quite live up to the expectations though.
Hohoe Trust lodge N7 08.973 E0 28.649 Very friendly staff and a good restaurant. We rented a room with TV and airco for almost nothing and they have a good place for your car as well.
Wli Waterfall lodge N7 06.941 E0 35.318 An absolute MUST! The most idyllic place in Ghana, run by Germans but very relaxed, good food, camping with a view to die for and they also have rooms.
Kumasi Presbyterian Guesthouse N6 41.278
W1 37.263
Cheap and a good place to camp or rent a room.
Mole NP MOLE National park N9 15.609
W1 51.329
Another not-to-be-missed place. You can camp or rent a room or chalet. A good restaurant at the pool with view on the waterhole where the elephants play, can it get any better?
Tamale Catholic Guesthouse N9 25.556
W0 50.589
If you are not allergic to very happy religious people than this is the place for you. You can have dinner if ordered in advance and they have a nice outside bar. We also camped one night and they did not seem to mind.
Efutu Hans Botel N5 10.744
W1 18.572
Absolutely Fabulous! A lovely restaurant built over the lake where the crocodiles swim and just watch all the little birds. Camping is possible but we decided to rent a room. Rooms are clean and you can choose from a whole price range (including breakfast).
Accra Royal Palm Beach hotel N5 33.769
W0 08.648
Most luxurious and expensive hotel in Accra, for if you really want to spoil yourself or get friends over for a holiday. European prices and over! Don't eat the carpaccio like Emiel did and end up with food poisening.
Accra Embassy Benin N5 35.177
W0 10.790
Three hours and 10.000 CFA later and you got yourself another visa. Valid for 15 days during a 6 months period.
Accra ATM Visa N5 35.416
W0 10.863
If you have a visa card with pin code you can draw money from this ATM.
Tema Toti-Berg Freight Service N5 38.049
W0 00.099
If you have to ship your car, this is the agent we used and we can absolutely recommend them.
Tema MOL Shipping N5 37.773 E0 00.098 This is where you have to put your container in the car. If you want you can first go and have a look at the container to see what you need to take off in order to make it fit.
Kumasi Pub Ryan's N6 40.698
W1 37.322
Irish Pub that did not meet our expectations, no Guinness, not atmosphere, no nothing. You can camp on the parking lot but the Presbyterian Guesthouse is a much better option.

South Africa

place name waypoint description
Durban B&B on the rocks S29 43.467
E31 04.855
A very beautiful and quiet B&B in Umhlanga Rocks, 20 km north of Durban. Nadia and Ross are the very helpfull hostess and host
Kranskop Camp Kranskop S28 59.808
E30 49.847
Beautiful campsite at a lake, there is a claim on the land so we're not sure if this campsite will be around much longer
Blydepoort Aventura Blydepoort S24 34.831
E30 46.347
Big luxurious campsite with everything you can think of
Phalaborwa Camp Phalaborwa S23 56.797
E31 08.078
This simple campsite is in the middle of town, a few km from the entrance of Kruger Park
Balule Camp Balule, Kruger National park S24 03.209
E31 43.986
Very nice campsite in Kruger Park, simple and small, no electricity, only running water and very quiet, For the real safari-feeling!
Skukuza Camp Skukuza, Kruger National park S24 59.709
E31 35.693
Big and busy campsite, more like a small village. We prefer a more quiet spot.
Komatipoort Camp Komatipoort S25 26.546
E31 57.798
Campsite with swimmingpool, the only stop between Kruger Park and Swaziland
Drakensberg Peak Dragon peaks mountain resort S29 01.108
E29 26.274
A beautiful huge campsite with shop, restaurant, swimmingpool and even a gas station.
Hartenbos Camp Hartenbos S34 07.673
E22 07.038
Nice seaview, but they are 'very' christian over here
Cape Town B+B Lezard bleu S33 56.545
E18 24.844
The very best place in Cape Town, whether you like sleeping, the best breakfast in town, drinking wine or a nice combination of all this. The German owners Chris and Nikola are great!
Stellenbosch B+B Stellenbosch S33 56.179
E18 51.224
Not recommended, you are better off at the campsite and sleeping in your own tent.
Stellenbosch Camp Stellenbosch S33 59.435
E18 49.808
Good campsite, but don't try one of the cottages, they are not nice!
Kommetjie Camp Kommetjie S34 07.972
E18 20.317
Nice, quiet and clean campsite
Belleville Camp Belleville S33 54.165
E18 36.800
The campsite is close to the highway and every five minutes there is a ambulance passing by with lots of noise, not really quiet!
Onrus rivier Camp Onrus rivier S34 24.935
E19 10.333
Nice campsite at the seasite, only the toilets and showers are not great.
De Hoop Camp De Hoop S34 25.047
E19 10.387
Small but lovely campsite with nice little cottages if you feel like a change and don't want to sleep in your tent.
Citrusdal Camp Citrusdal S32 35.642
E19 00.620
Nice enough campsite, but Citrusdal has not much to offer. The pool was rather nice, as it was boiling hot when we where there
Springbok Caravan and camping Springbok S29 40.350
E17 54.002
Campsite in an even more boring place, clean toilets. You might consider leaving if an overlander truck of Dragoman comes driving in!
Clanwilliam Camp Clanwilliam S32 11.787
E18 53.259
On the shore of an artificial lake, a good place.
Kotzeshoop Camp Sean S28 41.263
E17 33.792
The best place near Vioolsdrift if you are crossing into Namibia. Try a springbok at the bar!
Durban B+B Jessica S29 42.729
E31 05.390
Not really recommended, if you want to stay at a B&B in Durban you're much better of at the B&B On the Rocks, or, alternatively 'Honeypot', close-by
Kommetjie Alumat S34 07.985
E18 22.215
They can make anything you can think of in aluminium, Kirsty and Grant, two wonderful people.
Cape Town 4X4 Mega World S33 54.553
E18 28.340
4x4 accessories and they have plenty, but service is not their strong suit.
Cape Town Hannibal Safari equipment S33 56.416
E18 33.895
Super-service if you need any repairs done on your Hannibal tent, awning or roof rack.
Cape Town Land Rover Service Center S34 02.023
E18 29.105
Unofficial Land Rover workshop, you can get any parts you want but if you want them to put them on, you have to wait a bit, they have a waiting list of 2 months.
Franschhoek La Petit Ferme S33 55.122
E19 08.194
You just have to have a lunch here, with view over the vineyards.


place name waypoint description
Malolotja Malolotja Nature reserve S26 08.636
E31 07.906
Simple campsite in a national park, very beautiful and quiet, just like a bush camp.
Mlilwane Mlilwane Nature reserve S26 29.619
E31 11.100
Good campsite in a national park with a restaurant and bar. They also have a nice 4x4 trail you can drive.
Manzini Myxo's place Backpackers S26 29.841
E31 21.813
The place from which you leave on an excursion to Kaphunga, a traditional Swazi village. You can sleep in a room but they also let you camp on the drive way.
Kaphunga Kaphunga village S26 47.503
E31 32.240
This was a camp we had at the traditional Swazi Village. You book it at Myxo in Manzini and we can certainly recommend it!


place name waypoint description
Ai Ais Camp Ai Ais S27 55.190
E17 29.320
Big campsite with annoying baboons. But the natural hot pool was very relaxing.
Keetmanshoop Texas campsite S26 34.622
E18 07.942
Campsite for all cowboys and cowgirs, Texas in Namibia!
Gunsbewijs Camp Gunsbewijs S26 10.986
E16 21.417
Very tiny campsite, but really nice in a beautiful place at the red dunes.
Sesriem Camp Sossusvlei S24 29.210
E15 47.950
Gigantic campsite, try and find a place as far away from the overland trucks as possible and you'll be all right. Expensive!
Walvisbaai Camp Langstrand resort S22 48.660
E14 32.690
Campsite a the seaside, nice enough but the toilets and showers have seen better days.
Tsoabis Leopard park S22 22.803
E15 44.933
Very beautiful and quiet spot with a nice restaurant. They also have leopards here, 2, in a cage.
Windhoek Stop over S22 27.448
E17 04.508
If this place wasn't so close to a water treatment plant, it would be lovely.
Tsumeb municipal caravan and camping park S19 15.589
E17 42.625
Clean campsite, unfortunately they let the locals come and party till late at night so we did not sleep very well.
Etosha Camp Halali S19 02.178
E16 28.265
As far as we're concerned the best campsite in Etosha. It's worth an effort to try and find other campers with whom you can share a site, they charge per site (max. 8 people)
Etosha Camp Okaukuejo S19 10.977
E15 55.026
Bigger than Halali and fewer toilets. Same goes for this site, try and find someone to share!
Ondangwa Ondangwa rest camp S17 54.726
E15 58.483
Small and clean campsite, the bar can be loud in the evening!
Kunene river Kunene river lodge S17 21.268
E13 52.858
One of the better campsites annex lodges where you can easily spend a couple of days.
Epupa Epupa Falls public camping ground S17 00.124
E13 14.700
Wonderful place and make sure you chill out in the natural jacuzzis!
Otjihende Bush camp S17 38.662
E12 45.058
Bush camp with local Himba visitors, no problem, just make sure you've got some band aids, paracetamol and everyone is happy!
Puros municipal caravan and camping park S18 43.956
E12 56.514
After the 'challange' of Van Zyl's pas, a community campsite, so run by locals, spotlessly clean and very nicely laid out.
Ongongo Ongongo community campsite S19 08.422
E13 49.166
Swimming in a little natural lake with a little fall, which make you not worry too much about the basic toilet and shower.
Twijfelfontijn ABA HUAB Campsite S20 32.932
E14 23.918
Nice campsite with a small bar. You can have dinner (recommended) at the stunning lodge 5 km down the road.
Brandberg White lady lodge and camping S21 01.011
E14 41.101
Camping amont the desert elephants, but we did not see them
Windhoek Trans Kalahari Inn S22 32.942
E17 16.668
Small campsite annex lodge with an excellent restaurant. Water is sometimes a problem but the friendly German owners, Herr and Frau Grimm hope to solve that problem shortly. They also store overlander cars, so if you need a place to leave your vehicle, look no further.
Buitenpos Kalahari Bush Breaks S22 18.590
E19 44.970
Just before the border with Botswana and a good place to spend a night.
van Zijl's pas End of van Zijl's pas S17 40.199
E12 41.962
We were surprised how soon we had reached the end of Van Zyl's pas. If you have this waypoint in your GPS you won't be!
Walvisbaai Land Rover dealer S22 57.017
E14 30.971
Quick, cheap and excellent service.
Windhoek Land Rover dealer S22 35.413
E17 04.672
We only went here for a quote and they were very expensive, but if you need them, you now know where to find them.
Windhoek Off Road center S22 35.336
E17 05.160
4x4 shop for anything you think you need. If they don't have it in stock they can order it from J'burg and have it for you within 2 days.
Twijfelfontijn Twijfelfontijn Country Lodge S20 34.221
E14 22.213
Sleeping a the ABA HUAB campsite, and have lunch or dinner here, enjoying the views.


place name waypoint description
Maun Audi Camp S19 56.120
E23 31.010
Good campsite with a nice bar and nice enough restaurant. A good place when you want to visit Moremi and/or Chobe NP
Kwai River Camp North Gate Moremi NP S19 10.332
E23 45.193
Basic campsite just inside the gates of Moremi. Not fenced so watch out for the lions! If you want to save on park fees you can also stay at the communial campsite of Kwail 1 km outside the gate.
Xakanaxa Xakanaxa, Moremi NP S19 10.903
E23 24.865
Again a bush camp feeling at an official campsite, lions, leopards, elephants, the lot, so stay close to your tent!
Makgadikgadi pans Leroo La Tau S20 25.565
E24 31.214
Affordable luxurious lodge with lots of game. You can also camp between the elephants, zebras and lions.
Nata Nata Lodge S20 13.504
E26 16.108
Nice enough campsite and lodge in Nata, a place you only go because you have to pass through.
Kasane Toro Safari camp S17 47.749
E25 14.410
The very first campsite we ever saw with your own private shower and toilet, a restaurant and pool with a bar where they serve your drinks at the pool.
Kopong Arne's horseback riding S24 24.455
E25 50.627
Like a bush camp, but you have to pay (a little) and the location is quite nice!
Kalahari NP Kalahari camp S23 13.737
E24 20.911
There a few small campsites in the Kalahari that you have to yourself. The facilities are simple and brand new when we were there, so still clean. The real bush camp feeling!
Kalahari NP Kalahari Camp S22 17.177
E23 34.976
Like Kalahari 1
Francistown Francistown S21 11.968
E27 31.981
Good campsite though we cannot recommend the restaurant, which is overpriced.


place name waypoint description
Victoria Falls Victoria Falls Restcamp and lodges S17 55.519
E25 50.258
As so many places in Zimbabwe it has seen better days, but a nice pool and close to the falls.
Bulawayo Bulawayo community campsite S20 09.512
E28 35.665
Build in the seventies and never touched again. But all is clean and quiet, there was just one other car when we where there.
Sikato Kyle Nature reserve S20 14.300
E30 57.322
Beautifully situated at a lake with clean toilets and showers.
Juliandal adventure holiday farm S18 21.223
E32 36.323
Because the campsite where we planned to go to was no longer there we took our refuge here. A few little cottages not very tastefully decorated to say the least, for 40 US$


place name waypoint description
Bandula Casa Msika S19 02.428
E33 03.905
After Zimbabwe a nice enough place, eventhough there were zillion (biting) ants. We parked our car close to the restaurant and the lake (less ants!) and nobody seemed to mind.
Vilanculo Baobab beach S22 00.538
E35 19.317
Nice place with a beautiful bar overlooking the ocean. We did not stay here because there was a 'full moon party' planned that evening and Mirjam was ill.
Vilanculo Blue waters beach resort no information Camping for 20 US$ (!), we felt cheated and it is certainly not value for money.
Tofo Bamboozi S23 50.498
E35 32.217
Very relaxed place, beautiful beach and apparently great diving spot. Unfortunately camping was no longer allowed when we were there, but that might change again, so just ask. They have cheap little huts you can rent, or do like us, and rent the honeymoon hut with stunning ocean view for US$ 50.
Marracuene Casa Lisa S25 35.091
E32 39.282
Camping or staying at a little hut, 80 km north of Maputo. Very nice (and very British) owners and you can also have dinner here.


place name waypoint description
Livingstone Waterfront campsite S17 53.194
E25 50.662
Good campsite though for dinner you are better off in town.
Livingstone Jolly backpackers S17 50.872
E25 51.245
We thought it was very noisy and the bed was awful but it is very central in town and they allow camping in the parking lot (we didn?t do that).
Lusaka Lilaly lodge S15 32.465
E28 20.284
Because it was low season we could negotiate a good deal for a cottage. There is no camping. There is a campsite in the area, which looked nice enough, but when we were here it was raining constantly so we decided against camping.
Lusaka Lilaly lodge cottage S15 32.158
E28 17.287
When the lodge is full they can put you up in this house, but it is not really a good alternative.
Kafue NP Kafue National Park S16 28.046
E25 44.718
In Kafue you are allowed to camp anywhere, which makes it quite special. Of course that means no facilities but lots of peace and quiet.
outsite Kafue NP Mukambi Safary lodge S14 58.651
E25 59.603
A very beautiful lodge and there is also a possibility for camping. The (set) dinner is highly recommended, just skip the wine.
Kafue NP Chunga camp S15 02.584
E25 59.999
Just a basic campsite in a National Park, nothing special.
outsite Kafue NP David Shepherd campsite S15 46.621
E26 00.393
A beautiful spot with a view over the lake and the best service you could imagine on a campsite! Maybe you should let them know that you don?t need them to wash your car at 6 am.
Luanga Bridge Luanga Bridge Camp S15 00.361
E30 12.898
A good stop-over on the way to South Luanga.
Chipata Chipata, Mama Rulas S13 34.944
E32 36.593
A campsite run by South Africans, and that shows. Beautiful, clean and a nice place to relax for a while.
South Luanga NP South Luanga Wilderniss Camp S13 06.559
E31 45.228
With view on a hippo-packed river, a small but nice swimming pool, a nice bar and a restaurant, what more can you ask for?


place name waypoint description
Lilongwe Kiboko Camp S13 59.966
E33 45.575
A simple but nice campsite annex backpackers run by Dutch people.
Nkhata Bay Njaya lodge S11 37.240
E34 18.293
This is a nice quiet place and the only spot in Nkhata Bay where you can camp with your car with rooftent. The restaurant is good, the staff is better. Hopefully by the time you get there they have replaced management, because they were really awful.
Nkhata bay Aqua Africa S11 36.493
E34 18.051
If you haven?t been scuba diving before now here is your chance to get certified. The cheapest place in the world and they really pay attention to detail and safety. And you get to see all these beautiful fish!
Mzuzu Mzoozoozoo S11 27.443
E34 01.697
There are not many places to stay in Mzuzu if you want to camp and this is a nice place. The owners are very welcoming, but they surely like their beer and whiskey! When we were there they were working on hot showers and.. there is a playstation!
Nyika National park Nyika campsite S10 35.097
E33 47.956
Don?t skip this park when you are in Malawi. Simple but good campsite with nice hot showers and in the evening the guard will light a fire for you, which is nice because it gets really cold at night.
Livingstonia Lukwe perma camp S10 35.128
E34 07.663
A little piece of paradise. Great views over Lake Malawi, eco-friendly set-up with very helpfull staff, good dinners and make sure you try their home-made fresh bread!
Friday March 31, 2006

East Africa


place name waypoint description
Mbeya Karibuni Mission S8 54.556
E33 26.635
A mission post with camping in the parking lot, there is also a restaurant.
50 km before Iringa Kisolanza, The old Farm House S8 08.746
E35 24.761
A pearl in Tanzania and please make sure you have dinner, you might think it is expensive until you?ve tasted it!
50 km before Morogoro Melela camp S6 56.578
E37 16.104
Very primitive, dirty long-drop toilets (which had turned into short-drops) and no water, skip it if you can.
Dar es Salaam Kipopeo camp S6 51.099
E39 21.698
Nice place on the beach south of Dar, you have to take the ferry. You can leave your car here if you want to go to Zanzibar. The restaurant is a bit overpriced but 100 meters down the beach there is a good Indian restaurant.
Dar es Salaam Holiday Inn S6 48.678
E39 17.613
Good hotel, international standards if you want to treat yourself to a nice air-conditioned room (it can get very hot in Dar). Emiel was not well so that's why we decided to go for air-conditioning! We left the car here when we went to Zanzibar; they don?t charge you for it.
Lushoto Irente clif view S4 48.092
E38 15.479
Lodge, in cheap Indian style but clean. They have a small field where you can camp and the view is stunning.
Arusha Masai camp S3 23.076
E36 43.189
Huge campsite with many overland trucks, so it might be noisy!
just outside Ngorongoro NP Moya hill S3 19.066
E35 44.065
A very nice quiet campsite and a good place to stay when you are on your way to Ngorongoro, just 20 k from the gate.
Ngorongoro NP Simba A S3 13.684
E35 29.429
Like a bush camp but it will cost you 20 US per person, and this is the cheapest option!
Serengeti NP Seronera S2 25.308
E34 51.873
Like in Ngorongoro also here you pay for the privilege to be in the park and not for the facilities, which are not so good.
Mwanza Mwanza Yachtclub S2 31.733
E32 53.685
They just renovated the toilets and showers but in the weekends it is very noisy. But it is close to the city (walking distance).
Mwanza Bujora Cultural Camp S2 32.528
E33 02.383
Like an open-air museum. The tour is not that interesting but when the yacht club is too noisy for you, this is a good alternative about 20 k from Mwanza. It is very basic.
Biharamulo Biharamulo fort S2 37.903
E31 18.295
An old fort where you can camp and make use of the clean toilets and hot showers. It is not in any guidebook and not signposted but it is a good place to stop when you are on your way to Rwanda, it is a long way to drive in one day.
Dar es Salaam Sudanese embassy S6 48.132
E39 17.103
Sudanese Embassy.
Dar es Salaam Land Rover dealer S6 48.760
E39 17.146
Professional Land Rover dealer in Dar es Salaam.
Mwanza Land Rover Mwanza S2 31.233
E32 53.947
Small but good Land Rover dealer/workshop.
Mwanza U-turn supermarket S2 30.904
E32 54.105
Supermarket, much better than the one in the guidebooks.


place name waypoint description
Hotel Okapi Kigali S1 56.476
E30 03.663
Don't believe what the Lonely Planet says. It's overpriced, breakfast is a laugh only the internet cafe is good.
Motel Ineza Butare S2 35.998
E29 44.590
Camping in the parkinglot, toilet and shower are basic but clean. Nice people.
Uwinka HQ Nyungwe NP S2 28.663
E29 11.993
Nice enough place to camp but expensive; it's cheaper to rent a room. These are basic and the rooms at the ORTPN Resthouse, 15 km down the road, are a much better deal.
ORTPN Resthouse Nyungwe NP S2 26.430
E29 05.535
Nice clean rooms with bathroom and cheap.
Kibuye Guest house Kibuye S2 03.493
E29 20.717
Nice little rondavel-style rooms with a beautiful view over the lake. You can also camp here but it is close to the generator (which will be used because power supply is a problem in Rwanda, and there was a very fishy smell. You might first want to check out Bethanie Guesthouse, cheaper and also very nice.
Kinigi Guest house Kinigi, Vulcanoes NP S1 25.955
E29 35.906
Cheap lodgings close to the Gorilla tracks headquarters.


place name waypoint description
Bunyonyi Overland Camp Kabale S1 16 16.5
E29 56 22.0
What a place! The grass is green, the lake is blue, the bar is nice, the food is good, the beer is cold and the showers hot.
Masaka Masaka camp S0 21 48.2
E31 42 51.6
You shouldn't go out of your way to see it, but if you have to come this way it is a good place to stop. Nice people and at the time they were working to improve the campsite.
Kalanga Ssese Islands Hornbill campsite S0 18 44.8
E32 17 23.9
A Dutch guy married to a local woman; they bought the place a few years ago and never did any work. But the food is nice and the view spectaculair, the toilets less so.
Kampala Red Chilly backpackers N0 19 12.5
E32 37 48.7
Big backpackers with lots of overlander trucks. But we liked it and it is much better than the other one mentioned in the LP.
Jinja Speke camp N0 28 56.9
E33 09 29.6
If the noise of waterfalls doesn't keep you awake, this is the place to go, paradise! And you have to go rafting!!
Sipi Falls Moses camp N1 20 08.4
E34 22 31.3
Very small and basic, but the local guy is trying hard!
Kampala Land Rover Dealer N0 19 50.7
E32 36 50.4
Modern Land Rover dealer.


place name waypoint description
Kitale Sirikwa N1 10 39.4
E35 06 29.7
Campsite run by a 150-year-old lady and her 120-year-old son, that's how they look anyway! But it's like you're in England and a very nice place!
Nakuru Kumbe Camp S0 05 17.5
E35 47 53.8
Very beautiful campsite, only drawback is that it can be very crowded with overlandtrucks. Workshop for your car around the corner!
Nairobi Jungle Junction S1 17 19.9
E36 45 37.9
The place for overlanders in Nairobi. Camping in the garden or a nice room in the house. Use of kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, everything you could wish for. Chris, the owner, is a source of information on all kinds of things you might want or need to to in Nairobi.
Isiolo Range land Hotel N0 17 31.6
E37 33 26.8
Quiet campsite with hot showers. A good place before or after you tackle(d) the road to Marsabit
Marsabit Swiss Farmer N2 20 45.5
E37 57 57.3
Not an official campsite but on the land of a farmer, but there are showers (hot) and clean toilets. The locals will approach you and do your shopping if you wish.
Naivasha Malewa, Kigio Wildlife conservancy S0 32 19.2
E36 24 09.7
Just outside Nairobi, a beautiful quiet campsite, in the middle of a wonderful nature park. Also a good place to go for a weekend if you are stuck in Nairobi for some reason.
Maralal Yare Club and Camp N1 03 32.2
E36 42 40.4
Campsite with a nice bar, the restaurant wasn't very impressive but maybe it was just the time of the year. If you plan it right you can watch the camel race!
South Horr Mission post N2 10 09.5
E36 54 28.9
The guidebook makes you believe there is a nice campsite in this 'village'. There isn't. But at this mission post we were allowed to camp, and they have toilets and a nice cold shower.
Loiyangalani Palm oasis N2 45 22.9
E36 43 15.7
A super spot in the middle of the desert, the owner is a guy form Kenya and has managed to really built something nice in the oasis!
Chalbi Dessert Bush camp Chalbi Dessert N3 26 15.4
E37 45 04.0
Bush camp at the top of a hill with a view!
Nairobi Schumacher S1 20 17.1
E36 43 29.1
German guy who has started an independent Land Rover garage. He is not cheap, and might take some getting used to, but he is good!


place name waypoint description
Yavello Catholic Mission, Father Vincent N4 53 29.4
E38 06 05.2
No one speaks English in this village but if you ask for Father Vincent you will be alright. Camping on the baseball grounds. Facilities.. one long drop.
Awassa Adenium N7 04 33.3
E38 29 02.2
Camping/guesthouse run by a German lady (Jana) who is a great cook. You have to stay a couple of days not only for the food but also for the nice place she has made with really good facilities. It's not big though, so don't come with a group!
Dinsho Bale National Park, HQ camp N7 05 46.2
E39 47 32.2
Camping on 3300 meters, make sure you get some firewood, you will need it. Apparently there is also a sauna!
Katcha Bale National Park, Katcha camp N6 42 58.8
E39 43 34.6
Hard to find and not really a campsite, just a field, no facilities at all.
Addis abeba Baro Hotel N9 01 50.7
E38 45 13.1
In the middle of Addis, camping in the courtyard, small but nice. Meeting place for overlanders.
Addis abeba Meridien Hotel N8 59 33.4
E38 46 53.1
Just outside the centre, cheap and nice enough. A good place in case you need to get out of the city, like us!
Addis abeba Sudanees Embassy N9 00 23.3
E38 44 41.8
We hope you won't need to go here, if you do, be prepared, this guy is one of the worst people we ever met.
Dessie Ghion Hotel N11 07 30.3
E39 37 54.7
Old derilict hotel where you can camp, you have to be insistent!
Lalibela Lal Hotel N12 01 35.5
E39 02 26.2
Hotel that allows camping, they will open a room for you. Opposite this hotel a Dutch/Ethiopian guy is builing a new place that looks promising and here to you can camp; might be worth checking out first.
Gogora, lake Tana Gorgora Hotel N12 14 19.1
E37 18 10.3
Government hotel, old and dirty but in a beautiful spot. They allow camping in the parkinglot.
Shehehedy Bush camp N12 33 25.2
E36 53 49.2
A nice spot for a bush camp between Gondor and the border with Sudan
Addis abeba Land Rover Dealer N8 58 52.6
E38 45 48.0
Modern Land Rover dealer


place name waypoint description
Doka Bush camp N13 44 42.7
E35 28 30.1
Bush camp in an area where shepherds on camels herd their goats. If you are lucky you are offered a free camel ride, but thye leave you in peace when you want.
Khartoum Blue Nile Sailing club N15 36 41.9
E32 32 04.7
Only place in town to camp. A bit overpriced and every night there is very loud music from the party tent of the neighbours. Luckily to stop at 11 pm sharp.
Naqa Bush camp N16 18 58.6
E33 16 53.1
Just a nice place in the middle of nowhere
Meroe Bush camp N16 56 15.4
E33 45 27.8
Bush camp with a beautiful view over the pyramids. Ther were some aggresive touts, but once they left it was a magical place.
Bayuda Desert, on the road to Karima Bush camp N18 13 43.4
E31 58 25.7
Camping behind a sand dune with not a soul around.
Bayuda Desert, on the road to Karima Bush camp N18 02 08.8
E32 36 35.9
Open plain in the desert.
Musmat Bush camp N18 14 10.4
E35 40 10.5
In the desert between Atbara and Port Sudan. You're better of avoiding this spot because there were the most horrible spiders you can imagine.
Port Sudan Hilton Hotel Port Sudan N19 36 45.7
E37 13 30.0
Very luxerious and the price is open for negotiation
Khartoum Embassy of Saudi Arabia N15 34 26.5
E32 32 49.3
Transit visum within two days, make sure you have two (black and white) photographs, and you have your Jordan visum in your passport and a letter from your embassy stating that you are married (of course not necessary when you are a single guy, for a single girl it's almost impossible to get the visa) and that you will be traveling on to Europe. It's not necessary to make use of the agent opposite the embassy; it saves you a lot of money if you don't.
Khartoum Embassy Jordan N15 34 24.2
E32 32 51.7
Visa within two days
Khartoum Embassy Netherlands N15 35 29.8
E32 32 30.4
For a nice afternoon chatting at the pool and in the meantime get your recommendation letter (if you are Dutch!)
Port Sudan Shipping agent N19 36 32.1
E37 13 08.9
Agent for buying your ticket for the ferry from Suakin - Jeddah
Musmar railway N18 12 55.2
E35 36 14.2
Place between Atbara and Haiya. At Musmar you are back on the railway track.
Haiya junction desert - tar road N18 19 33.8
E36 22 27.7
Junction where the tar road to Port Sudan starts when you come from Atbara.
Friday March 31, 2006

Middle East and Europe

Saudi Arabia

place name waypoint description
Umm Laij hotel N25 03 00.5
E37 15 50.5
Cheap basic hotel, huge rooms with aircon
Jeddah Michelin dealer N21 30 41.0
E39 11 22.6
Cheap Michelin tyres, nice people and great service


place name waypoint description
Al Aqaba Mermaid Camp N29 26 24.1
E34 58 16.4
Campground on the (dirty) beach, owned by a nice guy who cooks very well
Wadirum dessert Bush camp N29 32 15.2
E35 26 17.2
Most beautiful bush camp ever!
Petra Marriot Hotel N30 18 14.8
E35 27 49.8
4 star hotel with good deals
Jerash Olivebranche Resort N32 17 43.9
E35 51 18.7
No nonsense campsite, toilets shared with the pool guests, basic restaurant, no alcohol
Amman Marriot Hotel N31 58 23.4
E35 54 24.6
Luxurious hotel, make sure they allow you in the business lounge, free drinks, breakfast and dinner
Amman Embassy Syria N31 57 20.4
E35 53 33.9
Embassy in case you need your Syrian visa, you need a letter from your Embassy about who you are
Amman Safeway supermarket N31 58 52.7
E35 53 39.8
Big supermarket
Amman Land Rover workshop N31 56 27.2
E35 50 49.5
Unofficial but very good Land Rover workshop, lots of parts. Official Land Rover dealer is close by but very unpleasant and expensive


place name waypoint description
Damascus Harasta Campsite N33 32 47.4
E36 20 52.3
Difficult to find but a very nice grassy campsite just outside the city, good bus connections.
Hama Basman Hotel N35 07 51.5
E36 45 30.4
Cheap and basic hotel with lots of street noise


place name waypoint description
Tuz Golu Bush camp N39 03 20.9
E33 26 44.3
Not too far off the road but out of sight, nice view over the lake.


place name waypoint description
Border Bulgaria - Turkey Truckers restarea N41 51 11.8
E26 05 01.2
Noisy parkinglot for truckers but at least the toilets and showers are clean


place name waypoint description
Okucani Parkinglot N45 14 02.1
E17 17 32.5
Parking Area with clean toilets


place name waypoint description
Furth Parkinglot N49 43 55.3
E10 43 33.0
Parking Area with service station and restaurant